Financial markets developer tool kit – enables in-house lightweight development teams to do a lot more and a lot faster.

By using our tool kit’s financial markets specific database/ functionalities and modern scalable database environment with web/mobile-ready reporting and integration tools, development teams can easily and quickly create powerful point solutions and enhancements to existing solutions in all parts of the enterprise (FO/MO/BO).

Small scale development can do more

Our tool kit’s ready financial markets database/functions and Microsoft® SQLServer®’s powerful reporting/-presentation and integration tools enable small scale development teams to build true scalable financial applications with web-based user interfaces and more complex functionalities.

Extending the developer team

Our tool kit enables users familiar with database queries and graphical desktop tools to start developing small scale financial applications. Users without traditional IT development experience can strongly participate in small scale development and support of applications.

Leveraging the functionalities of the current database environments

Our tool kit’s financial markets database and it’s functions allow small scale development to make use of the powerful development and integration functionalities of Microsoft® SQLServer® environment. This industry standard database is typically already in use and fully supported within all financial markets houses, but also due to it’s large userbase widely available from IT service providers with large number of different service models.

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