Simple, easy to launch technical architecture

Our tool kit is a database application built on top of scalable industry standard Microsoft® SQLServer® database using its’ powerful integration and reporting/presentation tools. The application includes a metadata driven financial markets datamodel and ready calculation and processing functionalities as database procedures. SQLServer®’s tools can be used to create and extend the user interfaces and system intergration.


Easy to understand, flexible financial markets database

The tool kit’s flexible database includes standard financial market components, such as entities, their accounts, securities, transactions and resulting positions in an easily recognizable format. These items all have metadata driven details structure, which enables one easily to change the data content of each item based on the current needs of the add-on applications.

Customizable functionalities as database procedures

The tool kit’s functionalities have been built using database procedures. These functionalities can be initiated by users, process automatically based on actions on the database, be scheduled or launched asynchronously as background tasks. These procedures can be included into add-on applications as they are or customized based on the requirements of the application being developed.

Web based user interfaces built using easy-to-learn development tools

The tool kit is using Microsoft® SQLServer® Reporting server as it’s development tool for user interfaces and reports. This tool has an easy to learn graphical user interface, and it integrates smoothly with the tool kit’s simple database structure. The tool kit can be used to create task specific mobile and legacy browser enabled user interfaces and reports.

Integration using ready integration tools

Integration is easily achieved using Microsoft® SQLServer®’s Intergration services. This traditional ETL-tool can be used to perform data transfer and cleansing tasks between existing systems and the tool kit. It has readily available interfaces for many different data transfer modes.  The data transfer tasks can be implemented for special purposes or to be scheduled as regular data uploads and updates with small or larger quantities of data.

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