Creating the missing pieces

With our financial market developer’s tool kit the in-house development team can do more and finish off the everlasting items on the team’s ‘to-do’ list. The tool kit enables the development team to quickly create simple add-on applications that can be published to smaller or wider user groups.

Building add-on applications

The development team can easily import base data from existing systems into the tool kit. Then plug-in simple or advanced processing to enhance the data. Add process steps and user interfaces. And finally present the results or feed them back into the existing systems.

Ready components and tools

Our tool kit includes a flexible financial markets based datamodel with processing and calculation functionalities. The tool kit is built on scalable industry standard database environment with very powerful integration and reporting/presentation tools.

Integrated into existing infrastructure

Our tool kit is designed to be integrated into existing systems architecture to fill the gaps. The developers can use it again and again to create new add-on applications as new requirements arise.