Full functionality of portfolio management / securities processing system

Our tool kit’s datamodel and functionalities closely resemble that of traditional portfolio management / securities processing systems. Most of the structures and functionalities one will find in such systems are also available in our tool kit, ready to be included into your add-on applications.


Flexible and easily expandable functionality

The tool kit has been designed to flexibly cover a very wide range of financial market development scenarios in different parts of the enterprise (FO/MO/BO) with different kinds of products/security types. Functionalities can easily be extended beyond traditional portfolio management and transaction processing tasks.

Additional functionalities for special purposes

We have developed special purpose functionalities for our tool kit to speed up development on specific functional areas. These include

  • Portfolio invoicing,
  • Portfolio automation,
  • Corporate actions and
  • Transaction profit/loss with purchase lot processing.

These functionalities are available as separate modules in addition to the base tool kit.

Small scale development for small and large scale add-on applications

Our platform is built on tested Microsoft® SQLServer® technology allowing your add-on applications to be fully scalable and to take advantage of the SQLServer®’s tried and tested professional support and security features.

Web and mobile capable user interfaces

Tool kit uses SQLServer®’s Reporting server to implement web and mobile capable user interfaces. Tool kit based add-on applications can be published internally and externally depending on the requirements of the add-on application.

Easy integration

Our tool kit is built on top of Microsoft®’s industry standard SQLServer® database environment, which includes a very powerful integration tool package. This tool can easily be used to transfer data between existing systems and the user’s tool kit based add-on applications.

Easy to learn development methods

As we created our tool kit we wanted as many users as possible to be able to participate in the development efforts. Therefore we used standard database SQL programming and SQLServer®’s graphical reporting/presentation tools. These are the main tools developers will be using while creating their add-on applications.

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